Health Careers SLC


The Health Occupations S.L.C. is geared towards preparing students for careers in the health field by providing holistic educational opportunities that prepare them for college and 21st century career success. The program has been developed with an emphasis on college and career preparation with a rigorous curriculum that is in conjunction with access to several service agencies. We have an established Animal Care Program that is unique to the Bronx. This program includes an animal lab where students can design reptilian and amphibian hábitats. Along with the work the Animal Care students do at school, we have an established special connection with the New York Zoological Society. The experience our students gain in the Health Occupations S.L.C. provides them with immediate skills that are transferrable to all aspects of their post-secondary life. Whether it be furthering their education or practical application in the work forcé. They are provided with hands on experience that has real world application for a growing 21st century health care field.

Every student is special and our mission in the Health Occupations S.L.C is to create a more personalized learning environment that will best meet the needs of our diverse population. The Health Occupations student will discover their full potential through the health and animal care service curriculum that is aligned with their talents and goals.

Assistant Principal: G. Joseph